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Generate API for WhatsApp Templates
Last Updated 6 months ago


Using the Alertspanel portal, you can now generate cURL requests directly. This will allow you to use the template messages externally with CRM or a website.


1. Generating cURL from Alerts Panel

a. Login to the Alerts Panel

b. Navigate to Broadcast > Message Templates > More Actions > Generate cURL

Note: This is available only for the approved templates.


c. After clicking the ‘Generate cURL’ option an API request box will be displayed.


d. Click on ‘Copy’ to save the API request in your clipboard. It can then be used on postman or shared with your technical team.

2. Importing cURL on Postman

a. Once the cURL is copied, open POSTMAN on your system.


b. Click the ‘import’ button in the ‘My Workspace’ section and select the ‘Raw text’ option.


c. Paste the cURL copied from the Alerts Panel into the text box.


d. Once you paste the cURL into the text box, click on the ‘Continue’ button.

e. Click on the ‘Import’ button once you verify the cURL file details.


f. Make sure you replace the following parameters before making the API call from your external system -

  1. "phoneNumber" (mandatory) - Add the phone number of the recipient
  2. "payload": "flow_"(for quick reply buttons) -Replace the flow key of the path.
  3. "filename"(for pdf files) - Name of the file being sent
  4. "link"(for pdf and image files) - URL link of the file
  5. "text"(for parameter values) - Replace text values for parameters in the template
  6. "API Domain" (
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