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SMS API V1,919999999999&message=message&sender=ABCDEF&route=4&country=91&DLT_TE_ID=TemplateId

SMS API V2,919999999999&message=message&sender=ABCDEF&route=4&country=91&DLT_TE_ID=TemplateId

Data type Description
authkey * alphanumeric Login authentication key (this key is unique for every user)
mobiles * integer Keep numbers in international format (with country code), multiple numbers should be separated by comma (,)
message * varchar Message content to send
sender * varchar Receiver will see this as sender's ID.
route * varchar If your operator supports multiple routes then give one route name. Eg: route=1 for promotional, route=4 for transactional SMS.
country numeric 0 for international,1 for USA, 91 for India.
flash integer (0/1) flash=1 (for flash SMS)
unicode integer (0/1) unicode=1 (for unicode SMS)
schtime date and time When you want to schedule the SMS to be sent. Time format could be of your choice you can use Y-m-d h:i:s (2020-01-01 10:10:00) Or Y/m/d h:i:s (2020/01/01 10:10:00) Or you can send unix timestamp (1577873400)
afterminutes integer Time in minutes after which you want to send sms.
response varchar By default you will get response in string format but you want to receive in other format (json,xml) then set this parameter. for example: &response=json or &response=xml
campaign varchar Campaign name you wish to create.
DLT_TE_ID * The Template ID that is registered with DLT Platform The Template ID that is registered with DLT Platform

Parameters with (*) are mandatory.

Please note that if your templates are not registered and approved, the messages will not be delivered to your customers.

For any clarifications, please feel free to reach out to your account manager or write to us at

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