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Sample API

Parameter Description Expected Values
method Predefined method sms
sender Sender ID assigned to your account Sender ID
to Receiver Mobile number to which SMS needs to be sent. It can be with or without 91. Also, provide multiple numbers in comma-separated format. Mobile number (GET-10 numbers, POST-100 numbers)
message Message to be sent Message text which is URL encoded (1000 char for normal, 500 for Unicode)
time Date and time for scheduling an SMS EX Format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS OR YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM AM/PM
unicode To specify that the message to be sent is in unicode format. Also can be used for automatic detection of unicode SMS. 1 / 0 / auto
flash To specify that the message is to be sent in the flash format 1 or 0
template_id The Template ID that is registered with DLT Platform The Template ID that is registered with DLT Platform

Please note that if your templates are not registered and approved, the messages will not be delivered to your customers.

For any clarifications, please feel free to reach out to your account manager or write to us at

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