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Jordan Registration Process
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Jordan has a specific pre-registration process, that needs to be done prior to being able to execute messages towards their end customers.

Pricing and plans can be discussed with your account managers prior to initiating the registration process




Pre Registration


Registration Type

Sender ID Registration


No charges

ETA (Working Days)

2 - 4 days

Alphabetic Sender ID


Numeric Sender ID


Long Code Support


Short Code Support


Unicode SMS Support


Character Set


2 Way SMS Support


Number Portability


Noc Format


DLR Format


Sender ID Type

Registration Required

Doc required for registration

Sender ID, Company Name, Company URL and Sample Text


Sender ID is alphanumeric
Please note that advertising/marketing messages require you to add the prefix “adv” before the sender id e.g FROM=”adv Apple” to be in line with the Telecom Regulation Commission of Jordan. Also these promotional messages should not be sent after 9:00 PM Amman time (GMT + 3:00).

Message restrictions



The details required for registration are: 

  • Sender ID
  • Company Name
  • Company URL
  • Sample Text

This can be communicated to Moplet Account Manager via email and the registration process will be taken up via the internal team.

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